Health exercises and Method according to Mudr.Smíšek

I have been conducting exercises as an instructor of the Spiral Stabilization method since 2013.

Every spring and winter.

I list the dates here on the website. However, if you are interested, a reservation is required.

Everyone has the opportunity to contact me either for an individual technique or in a group.

Exercises are always divided into beginners and advanced.


There is no exercise for the public during the summer.

Here is a beautiful video on how to refresh your lessons from lessons. Click on the link :

beginner exercising with rope

I continue to practice:

the method of Ludmila Mojžíšová – incontinence not only,functional infertility.  10Exercises can change your life.

It relaxes the pasm of the pelvic floor muscles and stabilizes the body. Pelvic floor, today it is considered one of the key positions of the axial body with a great influence on its function as a whole.


In case I open a medical exercise / without a rope / over the winter in a rented hall,I offer these options.

for whom exercise is appropriate? back pain,hernie disk,osteoarthritis of the joints,knee pain,should focus on HSS / deep stabilization system /.

for whom exercise is not ? if you expect strengthening,jogging,you won't find bouncing here. The exercise will be so consistent, that you will unfortunately not sweat.

All movements are performed consciously and under control,this protects you from injury. One perfectly executed move will do more good than ten careless !

Age and gender do not matter. I just want to emphasize, that mainly men are welcome,because I know from practice, that they are very shortened and think that exercise is only for women! .

Furthermore, seniors do not have to worry that they will not be able to do the exercise. The number is limited to max. 10 osob.



Here I'll share video ,which would help to improve the quality of normal life…



Operace páteře ,jak si myslí lidé kteří mají postižení nemusí být vždy vysvobozením!!If you are in danger of an operation, it is still necessary to prepare for it. Build muscles,which you will then need for recollecence.

Doporučuji velmi zvážit stav a konzultovat, řešit do maximalní pohody.Pokud si chcete cvičit individuálně doma ,není to zrovna dobrý nápad.Cvičení je nutné řešit s odborníkem nebo fyzioterapeutem.


Zde je důkaz,co se může ještě zkomplikovat po operaci.Mudr.Smíšek je praktik,ne teoretik jeho cviky se prokazují skutečností.Jen netrpělivost,pohodlnost vše pokazí .

Here is an exercise ,which is performed in Postorna ,weekly. Checking each individual,to exercise properly executed.

In the video, practicing Mudr.Smíšková.



Exercise is for everyone,elastic rope can be bought on the spot ,do not need to be ordered ,just come and solve problems.



My education in the field of exercise rehabilitation techniques = spine, which I use for my practice.

  • Influence on health EXERCISE  Ing.Velinská 1997 – Brno

/muscle test, dysbalance svalů, Axle /


  • ABY back ache – Exercise techniques   Bishop. Sedláčková 1999 – Brno

degenarativní changes in the joints, Accidents, artritida, rheumatic diseases, inflammation

  • REPONACE, REHABILITACE, POSITIONING – Flandera, Beneš, Zborníková, MD. Merlíček – Mountains 2001

Diagnostics, anatomy, patologie orgánů, lifestyle diseases


  • EXERCISE BY LUDMILA of Moses  Bishop. Novotná 2002 – Kouty n. D

of the method of exercises for incontinence and infertility not only without subsequent mobilization of ribs and levator / recommendations on rehabilitation /


  • EXERCISE, POSITIONING, MOBILIZATION Dr.. Novotná 2004 – Kouty n. D

spinal exercises, what causes muscle toning and phasic


  • Spiral and a mobilization system   Bc. Peltránová, Bc. Moravek 2012 – Prague

80% Practice exercises, Rules exercises, manipulation / exercise, already under way for the general public /


  • SMSYSTÉM – Scoliosis  MD. Smíšková Zuzana 2013 – Brno

resolution degree of scoliosis, age, followed by examination of individual training

/see certificate page./


Free continuation of workshops:

Diastáza,Pelvic floor,Yoga for the pelvic floor,Hull stabilization * Blu Gym – Brno 2018-2019

*Health physical education  Blu gym -Brno 2018

instructor- nordic walk,overball,gymball, pelvic floor .