EXERCISE spiral technique with elastic cord

2.SERIES   6.lessons for BEGINNERS

begins 5.1.2022 ends 9.2.2022 Wednesdays always in 18:30.You can also continue as an advanced to ZŠ-Valtická every Tuesday .

Kindergarten in Valtická. The goal is next to the kindergarten, you walk through the yard and then up the spiral stairs to the first floor. Please be punctual.

Comfortable clothing, we train socks barefoot, karimatku ,rope, water and the desire to exercise.

A reservation is required.

After payment 900 CZK for all lessons on account 3454487339/0800 variable symbol please your phone number.

Based on that, I will confirm your payment.  If you do not have an elastic rope, which is necessary for the exercise, please add another 600 CZK.  

After payment you will be enrolled in lessons. In case of covid- restriction, the lessons will be moved.






Starting from 4.1.-12.4.2022.       I believe you want topractice, because the year began 2022 and this is the right time.

ZŠ -Na Valtické entrance from the playground to ring

from 5.10.- 14.12.2021 každé úterý

time 18-19h


No reservation required is a condition, that he has undergone spiral mobilization anywhere.

Admission CZK 100


The most common spinal disorder is an intervertebral disc herniation. It is created not only by long sitting, but mainly by wrong movements, which follow. When sitting, the muscles shorten and the shortened muscles further compress us when walking and running and damage the discs. Disc prolapse is very common in runners, who have not stretched the muscles on the front of the thigh (spine flexors). Sedentary work should be followed by compensatory exercises, which adjusts our muscle imbalances and then the sport has yet to follow. We often break this rule, and so sport becomes a common cause of spinal disorders.

Exercise will not save you, will not replace your lifestyle, but it can start you up for further home use, how to live well and painlessly.

Each! he is the architect of his motor perfection. Do not wait, that swelling of the spine or medicine will solve the cure, even if it is called that. The sooner you start, this will speed things up.

Alternatively, you are not set up for group exercise, you have the opportunity to contact me for individual training, which may be specific to you for your diagnosis.




what is the SPS method and what will be the emphasis of the exercises:  click method


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Balance pad – link for information only :click pad

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I put here informative links . A healthy spine is very important for us.

click : diagnosis TV – Developmental disorders

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