Therapeutic massage



The most popular in the field of massages,it helps to civilizational fault ,diseases of the spine.

It is important to work through the entire back, it means, that no place must be dry .

Massage is not a top-down, right-to-left, as it is customary in various spas,

but it's about feeling spasms,hypertonu,muscle imbalance and mostly correct diagnosis!

The overall effect is a massage stimulation of receptors under the skin in layman's terms sensor,

support metabolism, Trophic and circulation in the tissues of the massaged area.

This procedure applies:

especially in diseases of the vertebral problems (eg. to alleviate pain),

There is a supplement to treatment, where it is necessary to relax stiff muscles, treating painful

contractures or prepare clients to the next exercise plan,or sport.

Sometimes the client just, put him into a state of normal life and therefore enforce more.


Classic massage reduces fatigue and enhances the rapid regeneration of the organism.

To achieve a better effect, it is recommended before the massage body warming,

eg.bath 37-38 st. or sauna,

If it is not possible neither ,infrared lamp is sufficient for local pain point,I use hot or peat pillows.


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The massage I use only vegetable oils ,preferably cold-pressed,

To maintain good massage.

Almond oil as a base and subsequently essential oils predominate.

At home, you can also use olive oil,sunflower,Rape, anything from the kitchen and mixed with essences

the sudden surprise pains.

If a client is diagnosed with a prolapsed disc ,or has a serious disease of the spine ,

I recommend a medical report to marry him.


We also use their own collection of herbs and subsequent maceration ,which is used for acute problems.



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dinner: 600,-CZK / 30-45min.-  otherwise, entrance diagnostics up to CZK 800

update 2022